Kelly_Product_24.04.13Iridis Cosmetics is a magical land where you’ll feel gorgeous, worthy, pretty and fabulous – just as you are. Your inner beauty is celebrated, your points of difference applauded, we all wear the perfect shade of foundation and have the right lipstick to complement our features.

Iridis is an Australian-owned makeup company, and our Makeup Artist Educators teach women how to apply their own makeup, using our full range of exceptional Iridis makeup products, at our free, fun, hands-on and informative Glamtorials™ (Group Makeup Lessons). Our team of outstanding Hair & Makeup Artists also specialise in hair and makeup glammification for events, weddings, photo shoots and all other times you need to look and feel your most gorgeous.

Iridis Cosmetics aims to remind women how beautiful they really are, helping them feel confident, happy and relaxed with “Makeup Made Simple”.

In 2008, Celebrity Makeup Artist Peta-Gai McLaughlin and her partner, Kelly Lowe, had an idea to not only create an exceptional range of make-up products, but a company that embodies the #loveyourreflection positive self-esteem movement.

The Iridis makeup products are cruelty free, not tested on animals and are derived from plant-based ingredients. They were created to help make our clients’ mornings simpler, their nights out more fun, and their special events that little more special.

Over time, the Iridis mission has evolved into wanting to work with women of all ages, size, skin colour and make-up skill to help them feel gorgeous, confident, empowered and fabulous through makeup workshops and the extremely popular Iridis ‘Glamtorials™’.

At an Iridis Glamtorial™, which is a free group makeup lesson, Iridis Makeup Artist Educators share their makeup skills and techniques, and impart their top tips for how clients can start loving their reflection again, raise their self-esteem and embrace their most gorgeous self.

The Iridis goal is for you  to #loveyourreflection after you spend time with us and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share that self-esteem gorgeousness with the world.